Undergraduate Research Community Planning Conference
January 16, 2001

Recommendations Task Force

Task Force Members: Virginia Clark (BoHS), Chair; Karla Hughes (CAFCS); Julia Miller (HEU); Shirley Hymon-Parker (HEU and 1809 Administrators)

Goal: To develop recommendations for URC and Partner Implementation (from reports and priorities).

Proposed Recommendations for Action:

Higher Education Unit (HEU) —

  • The Subcommittee on Undergraduate Research has allocated $500 to support marketing the URC this spring. Julia Miller is the chair of the committee.
  • Two sessions will be offered at AAFCS on the URC and undergraduate research.
  • A task force will review and propose priorities for the coming years. This group will meet at AAFCS and will request a portion of the HEU budget to support these priorities.

Council on Administrators for Family and Consumer Science (CAFCS) —

  • An initiative related to the URC will be included in the Plan of Work.
  • A budget allocation will be requested for the URC Assessment Priority.
  • A Task Force will be formed to look at priorities and develop a plan for work with the URC.
  • A portion of the 2002 program will focus on some aspect of undergraduate research.
  • Budget planning for the future will include allocations for URC.
  • A summary of the status of the URC will be provided at the 2001 meeting.

1890's Administrators —

  • Funding will be provided to assist with URC Initiatives.
  • A survey will be conducted to assess what is currently in place in the 1890 Institutions.
  • Opportunities will be identified for funds that will help to build on participation and collaboration, for example, the USDA Challenge Grant.

Board on Human Sciences (BoHS) —

  • Leadership within BoHS will come from the Academic Committee.
  • URC priorities will be reviewed and a plan of action will be proposed.
  • The possibility of adding questions to the FAEIS survey to obtain the information needed will be explored.
  • A proposal will be made to include a session at the NASULGC in November that would be a collaborative session with Student Affairs and Academic Affairs. The possible format would be a speaker who had been involved in this type of work on their campus (possibly the President from the University of Michigan), followed by a panel, which included faculty and students, and then a question and answer session.


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