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KON Student Board Member Board of Directors

Description of position and application to serve for the 2018-2020 term

Student board members gain a tremendous career advantage by serving on a national non-profit board of directors prior to graduating. This type of experience on one's résumé can strongly influence hiring managers, moving you to the head of the pack for employment consideration and providing you with increased bargaining power when negotiating your starting salary. In addition, service to the KON board of directors as a student:

  • Provides leadership development opportunities.
  • Creates connections with and provides mentoring from leaders in the fields of the human sciences.
  • Allows students to help shape Kappa Omicron Nu policies and contribute to the holistic nature of the profession.
  • Offers executive level organizational development knowledge applicable to professional life.
  • Expands student networks through work with chapters and students, academic leaders, and professionals from across the United States.

As full voting members of the Board of Directors, Student Board Members share responsibility for:

  • Representing the interests, ownership, and diversity of the membership.
  • Developing governing policies that concern ends, executive limitations, board process, and board/executive director relations.
  • Emphasizing strategic leadership, a future orientation, and proactivity rather than reactivity.
  • Assuring effective management of Kappa Omicron Nu.

KON reimburses all approved expenses related to attending board meetings and conclave, along with any incidental expenses that may be incurred through service to the board. The national office also provides assistance and flexibility to enable students to carry out their responsibilities to the board. In return, student board members promise to faithfully fulfil the following responsibilities and obligations:

  • Attend Annual Board Meeting, held each January over the MLK, Jr. holiday weekend.
  • Attend and provide leadership at Conclave at the end of term.
  • Study the KON governance model and policies including policy governance responsibilities of Board members.
  • Accept roles (according to interests) in implementation of annual plan of action.
  • Review reports from the Executive Director.
  • Participate in evaluation of achievements based upon the annual plan of action.

If you are willing and able to commit to fulfilling the above responsibilities, please submit the below application for Office of Elected Student Board Member no later than April 13, 2018


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Date of KON Initiation:
Status, Fall 2017: (Jr., Sr., etc.)
Expected date of graduation:
Major or area of professional interest:
Other organizations (participation and/or office):
Plans for and/or interest in graduate work:
Narrative: Explain (a) your choice of profession, (b) your perception of the function of Kappa Omicron Nu, and (c) your interest in this position.
Adviser's name:
By entering your name in the following box, you agree to faithfully fulfil your obligations as a member of the Kappa Omicron Nu board of directors if elected, and to meet the commitments laid out above to the very best of your ability:

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Comments from 
Past Student Board Members

I feel privileged to have served on the Kappa Omicron Nu Executive Board as a student transitioning into a career path. When I decided to run for the position, I had no idea what impact it would have on my life. Through this opportunity, I have had the chance to attend and participate in conferences including the National Conclave. Each conference opportunity was full of new experiences. I was able to attend sessions that I felt would benefit my career choices as well as present tips and pointers on APA writing to Undergraduate students. I also was able to be a part of the annual board meeting and even served on the committee to appoint the new Executive Director of Kappa Omicron Nu. The most humbling experience was to work with executive board members and to always feel valued. I always knew my opinion and voice would be heard at an equal level as the professional, academic members. Through this process, I also learned quite a bit about the ins and outs of non-profit organizations and how an executive board and staff members work together. This provided clarity and insight into the workings of my first professional job with a non-profit agency. Overall, I am more than thankful for my time serving as a student board member. It is more than just a resume builder, it assisted in building my professional goals. I highly recommend and promote this opportunity!

Resa Ware

I served as a Kappa Omicron Nu student board member on the Board of Directors for two years, from 2012-2014. These two years were very stimulating and enriching for me. I participated in board meetings where I was able to gain insight into Kappa Omicron Nu's mission, philosophy, values, and goals. The Board challenged me to brainstorm and to generate new ideas for the organization and for its members. I always felt that my opinions and input were valued and given equal voice as the other board members. More importantly, I was able to see the effects of our brainstorming sessions and the benefits of Kappa Omicron Nu's outreach efforts on its chapters and its members. Moreover, I developed friendships with the other two student board members and with the other board members. The board members were very supportive and mentored my leadership and professional skills. Being a board member also afforded me the chance to travel and to experience different foods and attractions.

My experience as a student board member was challenging, inspiring, and gave me valuable insight into the inner workings of an organization. I am very grateful for the  opportunities, friendships, and memories that being a board member gave me.

Dr. Grace Chee  

Being a KON Board member is an experience I'm glad I didn't miss! As an extension assistant for youth programs, I have used my experiences from the student representative role. I learned how to facilitate, organize, and utilize my skills to their fullest potential. I gained experience that transformed me into a better human being. Personally, I miss the friendships we built as board members. I miss, also, the exposure to new ideas and information at the leading edge. KON as an organization is truly ahead of our time. Professionally, I strive for the best and encourage all youth to achieve more and take risks! So take the risk and gain skills and experiences through the KON Board.

Angie Higgins Rushman

My two years on the KON Board were challenging, enlightening, and rewarding. It allowed me to see what goes on behind the scenes-how plans are developed and implemented. The position gave me a chance to grow professionally and further my skills as a leader. Anyone who is involved nationally views KON from a broader perspective. As a Board member, I was able to travel to different parts of the country and experience things I never had before. I came to understand that the position was a privilege. KON is very unique because most honor societies do not have a student voice on the Board. So, that makes us special and at the cutting edge. I encourage all students to be enthused about being a candidate for the Board of Directors.

Kevin Taylor

Serving as a KON Student Representative was a very enriching experience for me. My two years on the board were filled with learning a new way of board governance, creating a mission statement, networking, and learning to appreciate the global view of our organization. It was an opportunity to participate in my honor society in a way that few students experience. I was able to see the how and why of Kappa Omicron Nu from a national perspective and feel that I was really making a difference in local chapters across the country. I cannot count the number of wonderful friends I have made, nor begin to assess the value of meeting key people and the mentoring that has come from being a student representative. There was the fun part, too. I was able to travel to different parts of the country, see new things, and play a little. As a student representative, I was treated as an important part of the board; my opinions were listened to; and my input was valued. It was an opportunity that I feel very fortunate to have had.

Susan Poch