Professional and Alumni

Elected Committees

Each member of the elected committees shares responsibility for the following functions:

Represent the ownership and the diversity of the membership.

Participate in the work of the committee.

Emphasize strategic leadership, a future orientation, and proactivity rather than reactivity.

Application for Elected Committees

File application with Kappa Omicron Nu

Please provide the following information on a separate sheet of paper:



Telephone (home and work):



Official Title of Current Position:

Degrees and College/University:

Chapter affiliation:

Brief Biographical Sketch - Previous officer and committee contributions to Kappa Omicron Nu or predecessors and other organizations (participation and/or office):

Brief Narrative: Explain your philosophy as it relates to the Kappa Omicron Nu mission of empowered leaders.


Eligibility Requirements

Active membership status for a minimum of the preceding twelve months.

Description of Committee


Term: Three years.

Assist Editor to determine editorial policies, select guest editors and themes, identify and appoint reviewers, determine review procedures, and make recommendations for fiscal policies regarding Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM to the Board of Directors.


Term: two years.

Participates in receiving applications or nominations, selecting nominees, and preparing ballot information.

Committee works through mail and conference call procedures.


Accept roles (according to interests) in implementation of annual plan of action for committee.

Participate in evaluation of achievements of annual plan of action.

Kappa Omicron Nu Support of Committee Members

Expenses for mail and conference calls are reimbursed by the National Office.

Other expenses incurred shall be reimbursed according to approved policies and budget.

Advantages of Committee Work

Leadership opportunities.

Involvement with leaders in the field of family and consumer sciences.

Opportunity to promote Kappa Omicron Nu and the holistic nature of the profession.

Opportunity to enhance scholarship, research, and leadership in the profession.

Networking with chapters and members nationwide.

Flexible time commitment as determined by individual interests.

Support by National Office staff to carry out responsibilities.

In other words, committee membership has advantages for professional contributions and benefits for Kappa Omicron Nu.


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