FCS in Higher Education:
An Open Summit on the Future
The Summit proceedings are the product of the thinking and conversation of self-formed groups in the Open Space Technology process at the "Family and Consumer Sciences in Higher Education: An Open Summit on the Future" conducted February 3-6, 1999 in Arlington, Texas. The groups formed around issues of passion identified by conveners, and the sessions were organized to explore the issues in the following manner: state the issue, clarify the vision for the future, identify steps toward the vision, commit to initial actions, and identify a follow-up point person.

The attached publication documents the work of the FCS Summit and communicates the outcomes among the participants and to other publics with interest in the future of FCS in higher education.


FCS Closing Comments
from Karen Craig

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This space will soon contain links to related web sites, and will allow Summit participants to share links to projects begun during the Open Space sessions! To add your link, please contact Kappa Omicron Nu.


Further Information

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