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American Consumption Trends:,1703,A%253D155604%2526M%253D150019,00.html 

Archives for Home Economics Journals: 

Australian Report on Home Economics (2002): 

Change Management:

Communities of Practice:


Consumer Education (UK):


Consumer Education Report (2001):

Consumer Education Report (2002): 

Consumer Education Report (2003):$file/EffectConEd_report.pdf 

Consumer Education Report (Australia):$file/EffectConEd_report.pdf 

Consumer Politics: 

Consumer Trend Research:

Critical Thinking: 

Critical Thinking PowerPoint slides:  

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution—The Missing Part: 

E-Journal for FCS:  

ERIC Digests:

Ethical Consumers:

 Free Journal Articles: 

Global Consumer Citizenship

Home Economics in the New Millennium: 

Society for Human Ecology Conference: October 13 - 15, 2005 - 20th Anniversary Conference of the Society for Human Ecology - Salt Lake City, Utah - Continuously updated information about the conference can be found on SHE's website

IFHE Abstracts (2004): 

IFHE Presentation – Sharon Nickols (2004): 

IFHE Presentation - Tahira Hira (2004): 

Interpretation and Hermenuetics:

Justification for Home Economics: 

Knowledge Management:

Leadership Initiatives:

Medical Causes of Bankruptcy:

Mexican Immigrant Research: 

Peace Education Site: 

Personal Finance, 8th Edition, Garman/Forgue, 555 pages, is now available (ISBN # 0-618-47142-1). Faculty may order a copy for classes now at Or telephone 800-733-1717, X4011.

Poverty (US): 

Procotts (opposite of boycotts): 

Rip-offs and Frauds (PowerPoint):


Social Responsibility Initiative: 

Structural Adjustment Program Paper:

Sweatshops Report (1999) - - Change the 1E to 2E and 3E to get the rest of this report. 

Teen Consumers (US): 

Transdisciplinary Research: 

Youth Statistics: wpp2002/WPP2002-HIGHLIGHTSrev1.PDF



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