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     Certified Financial Planner
  Child Care Worker
  Consumer Affairs Professional
  Cooperative Extension Service (CES) Professional
  Dietetic Technician
  Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher
  Family Studies Professional
  Health and Wellness Professional
  Hospitality Management Professional
  Interior Designer
  Textile and Clothing Specialist


  A Definition of Fairness
  Active Listening
  Conflict Webs
  Being Friends
  Listening to Others
  Getting along with Parents
  The Lot
  A Single Act of Kindness
  Food and Nutrition
  Healthy Body Image
  Nibbles for Health
  Move, Eat & Learn
  Read It before you Eat It
  What size is your serving?
  Calcium—Where to Get It
  Six Easy Bites
  Tasty Tidbits
  Project Helper -Teaching Tips
  Child Care
  A Guide to Babysitting
  Babysitting Beginnings
  Stuff to Create With
  What Responsibilities Accompany our Rights?
  Dealing with Bullies
  Is Something Bugging You? How to Ask for Help
  Health and Safety
  The Clean Team
  Fightbac (bacteria)
  Variety of Fightbac Activities
  Food Safety Activity and Experiments
  Food Safety Quiz for Kids
  How to Get Families Moving
  Staying Strong: Fitness Fun
  Are you "Safety Smart" about Exercise?
  Is Your Body in Balance?
  Are you Up for the 10,000 Step Challenge?
  The President's Challenge
  Althletic Training Presentation
  Clothing Care
  Stain Removal Guide
Kids and Clothes
   Shopping and Care Tips
Laundry Tips


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