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Fees Schedule

  $66.00 National Dues


Chapter Dues

Chapter Name, College/Univ.

1$15.00Kappa Alpha, Northwest Missouri State
5$5.00Kappa Epsilon, Marshall University
9$5.00Kappa Iota, Texas A&M-Kingsville
16$5.00Kappa Pi, University of New Mexico
22$10.00Kappa Chi, Immaculata College
25$5.00Kappa Alpha Gamma, Seton Hill College
30$15.00Kappa Alpha Theta, Eastern Illinois University
34$5.00Kappa Alpha Mu, Illinois State University
36$0.00Kappa Alpha Xi, Pepperdine University
41$10.00Kappa Alpha Tau, Bradley University
43$5.00Kappa Alpha Phi, Sam Houston State University
46$10.00Kappa Beta Alpha, Samford University
47$5.00Kappa Beta Beta, Univ. of North Alabama
50$5.00Kappa Beta Epsilon, Prairie View A&M
52$5.00Kappa Beta Eta, Virgina State University
53$10.00Kappa Beta Theta, Lamar University
55$8.00Kappa Beta Kappa, Western Illinois University
57$5.00Kappa Beta Mu, Tennessee Tech. University
59$7.00Kappa Beta Xi, Carson-Newman College
63$5.00Kappa Beta Sigma, Tennessee State Univ.
66$10.00Kappa Beta Phi, Mississippi State
69$10.00Kappa Gamma Alpha, Alcorn State University
72$5.00Kappa Gamma Delta, Delta State University
73$15.00Kappa Gamma Epsilon, North Carolina Central Univ.
74$14.00Kappa Gamma Zeta, Central Michigan University
75$5.00Kappa Gamma Eta, University of Mississippi
76$10.00Kappa Gamma Theta, Baylor University
84$0.00Kappa Gamma Pi, UL-Lafayette
85$5.00Kappa Gamma Rho, Alabama A&M University
86$10.00Kappa Gamma Sigma, South Carolina State University
88$5.00Kappa Gamma Upsilon, Appalachian state University
89$5.00Kappa Gamma Phi, Northwestern State Univ., LA
91$5.00Kappa Gamma Psi, UT-Chattanooga
94$14.00Kappa Delta Gamma, University of Akron
97$5.00Kappa Delta Zeta, College of St. Catherine
103$5.00Kappa Delta Mu, North Carolina A&T Univ.
105$0.00Kappa Delta Xi, Morgan State University
106$17.50Kappa Delta Omicron, Meredith College
107$5.00Kappa Delta Pi, Nicholls State
108$5.00Kappa Delta Rho, Olivet Nazarene University
109$5.00Kappa Delta Sigma, Ashland University
111$5.00Kappa Delta Upsilon, UM-Eastern Shore
114$5.00Kappa Delta Psi, UA-Pine Bluff
200$5.00National Chapter
201$10.00Omicron Alpha, Michigan State University
202$10.00Omicron Gamma, Iowa State University
207$10.00Omicron Theta, Kansas State University
208$5.00Omicron Kappa, Washington State University
210$9.00Omicron Mu, Cornell University
214$5.00Omicron Pi, Florida State University
217$5.00Omicron Tau, Penn State University
223$3.00Omega Alpha Beta, University of Maine
224$5.00Omega Alpha Gamma, University of Montevallo
230$5.00Omega Alpha Iota, Syracuse University
231$10.00Omega Alpha Kappa, UNC-Greensboro
234$5.00Omicron Alpha Nu, Auburn University
238$3.00Omicron Alpha Rho, New York University/Hunter
241$8.00Omega Alpha Upsilon, University of Delaware
244$10.00Omega Alpha Psi CSU-Long Beach
245$10.00Omega Alpha Omega, University of Missouri
246$10.00Omega Beta Alpha, Rutgers University
247$5.00Omega Beta Beta, Louisiana Tech.
248$8.00Omicron Beta Gamma, Northern Illinois University
250$5.00Omega Beta Epsilon, CSU-Northridge
253$5.00Omega Beta Theta, Montclair State University
278$5.00National Alumni
279$5.00Omicron Alpha Rho, Hunter College
301$5.00Nu Alpha, Berea
304$5.00Nu Delta, Harding University
306$5.00Nu Zeta, Seattle Pacific University
307$5.00Nu Eta, Tarleton State university
308$5.00Nu Theta, Western Michigan Univiversity
310$5.00Nu Kappa, Penn State-Altoona
312$5.00Nu Mu, Washington State University-Vancouver
313$5.00Nu Nu, Southern Utah University
314$5.00Nu Xi, Youngstown State University
315$5.00Nu Omicron, California Univ. of Pennsylvania
316$5.00Nu Pi, CSU-Fullerton
317$0.00Nu Rho, Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago
318$5.00Nu Sigma, DePauw University
320$5.00Nu Upsilon, CSU-San Marcos
321$5.00Nu Phi, University of New Haven
322$5.00Nu Chi, University of the Incarnate Word
324$5.00Nu Omega, Life University
326$5.00Nu Alpha Beta, Delaware State University
327$5.00Nu Alpha Gamma, Georgia Gwinnett College
328$5.00Nu Alpha Delta, CSU-Sacramento
329$5.00Nu Alpha Epsilon, Georgian Court University
330$5.00Nu Alpha Zeta, Elon University
999$5.00Kappa Alpha Alpha, Marywood University


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