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Building B ridges for KON A lumni and R ecent G raduates: The KON Experience W ebsite

My name is Grace Chee, M.S.W and I am a fourth year doctoral candidate in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Michigan State University. Recently, KON’s Executive Director, Dorothy Mitstifer, asked me to write a brief promotional statement for KON’s Experience website.

The website’s target audiences are KON alumni and recent graduates. After creating a user account, alumni and graduates are introduced to the main page that includes links to networking, guidance, a job search function, and portfolio options. For recent college and graduate school graduates, the site has a job search function that allows users to search for jobs by keyword, city, state, etc. Graduates who may want to pursue an internship first can also perform a search for internship opportunities or seasonal work. Additionally, there is also a LinkedIn link that connects the user's Experience account with the LinkedIn account.

Furthermore, graduates and alumni can also create a portfolio that includes uploading their resume, making employers aware of their achievements and specific skill sets, and creating a list of personal references whom potential employers can contact. All of this information is conveniently centralized on the website.

KON alumni will benefit from the site’s networking feature. Similar to many LinkedIn accounts, users can create a personal profile in their career network. They can invite others to join their network as well. There is also a mentoring link. Users can search for potential mentors by job function, job title, or industry. Currently, KON is working on recruiting mentors. Therefore, this mentoring feature is still a work in progress. Potential mentors are asked to reflect and commlete checkboxes that ask, “how others can help you,” and “how you can help others.”

Overall, the Experience site is an excellent resource for KON alumni to not only connect with each other but also with undergraduate and graduate KON members. The Experience site offers a safe, nurturing, and comprehensive location where members and alumni, connected by their KON membership, can share their knowledge and experiences. 

The site will be an invaluable  asset to recent graduates who are beginning their careers and looking to network with other professionals as well as to seasoned alumni who want to reconnect or who are considering a career change.

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