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Board of Directors

Grace Chee

Brittany Cowdery

Megan Jackson

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      Award Committee I - Doctoral Fellowships

  • Dr. Janelle Walter, Chair - Baylor University
  • Dr. Jan Taylor - Mississippi State University
  • Dr. Jamie Sailors - Auburn University

      Award Committee II - Master's Fellowships

  • Dr. Sharon Bartley, Chair - New Mexico State University
  • Dr. Bonita Manson - South Carolina State University
  • Dr. Jan Murphy - Illinois State University

      Award Committee III - Research/Project Grants

  • Dr. Virginia L. Clark, Chair - North Dakota State University
  • Dr. Frances Andrews - Vestavia Hills, AL
  • Dr. Jan Van Buren - West Lafayette, IN

      Constitution and Bylaws Committee

  • Dr. Mary Pritchard, Chair - Northern Illinois University
  • Dr. Sue Ballard de Ruiz - Tennessee State University
  • Dr. Diana D. Carroll - Carson-Newman University

      Editorial Committee

  • Dr. Sharon Ballard - East Carolina University
  • Dr. Rebecca Hess - California University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Carol Kellett - Kansas State University
  • Carol Lucas - Barboursville, WV
  • Dr. Jan Murphy - Illinois State University
  • Dr. Penny Ralston - Florida State University

      Nominating Committee

  • Dr. Kitty Coffey - Carson-Newman University
  • Dr. Sammie Garner - Boone, NC
  • Dr. Angela Radford Lewis - East Tennessee State University
  • Dr. Kathleen Rees - Texas A & M University - Kingsville
  • Dr. Janelle Walter - Baylor University

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